Milwaukee was built by sales.
Milwaukee will never stop growing.

Milwaukee and the surrounding communities have sold goods and services to the world since it was founded. Solomon Juneau, Milwaukee’s first mayor, came to Milwaukee from Montreal to run a trading post. Byron Kilbourn, who hailed from Ohio, recognized that Milwaukee’s location on the shores of Lake Michigan conferred great potential for development of a port of trade.

As the Wisconsin Territory was settled by farmers who eventually grew one-sixth of the wheat grown in the United States, Milwaukee became the largest shipper of wheat in the world. Early industries processed Wisconsin’s agricultural bounty, turning wheat into flour, grain into beer, and cow hides into leather and shoes.

With the immigration of large numbers of Europeans to Milwaukee beginning in the 1840s, new talents to Milwaukee’s workforce infused the local economy with the entrepreneurial spirit. The wheat trade eventually declined but was replaced by a growing iron and steel industry and manufacturing that added value to these raw materials.

Sprawling complexes turned out engines, tractors, electrical equipment, controls, mining shovels, and automobile frames. Millwaukee quickly became...

The machine shop of the world

It took sales people to help build Milwaukee. Now it takes different sales strategies and tactics to keep it growing.

Milwaukee Continues to Grow

With service sector employment in the education, healthcare, and professional and business services growing, we have changed the way we sell to the world.

Even though challenging economic times have tested the sustainability of some great Milwaukee companies, new companies in new verticals are driving the need for a different style of selling.

Milwaukee B2B has been built by companies that have successfully changed the way they sell. The companies that faced different competitive threats and are now stronger than ever. The companies that need to grow because they are dedicated to preserving the our rich Milwaukee history and traditions and providing for the families that want to be a part of it. These are the companies that have the right sales structure, the right sales processes, the right people with the right skills, and the right activities.

After five years of development, those structures, processes, skills, and activities have been documented and can be cross pollinated to the next companies that want to grow but are currently stuck.

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